Are You Ready To Unleash The Power Of Your Emotions and Make A Shift Towards Peace?

Discover The Secret Language of Your Emotions and Understand the Powerful, Life-Changing Messages They Have for You

Can you imagine what your life would be like if your were at peace with your emotions? Your most perfect guidance system is waiting to show you how to reduce stress in your life and lead you to a path of joy. The life you’ve always dreamed of is waiting for you and this book can help you come into alignment with it.

0001y3-e1376954359893Taming Your Dragons: Making Peace with Your Emotions is a new and innovative approach to working with your emotions. According to authors, Sue-Anne MacGregor and David Barnes, all emotions are valuable and are a sophisticated guidance system designed to create a joyful life.

When you understand your emotions, make friends with them, and see how they’re guiding you, then you can sustain peace of mind for longer periods of time. Take this journey and discover how to be at peace wherever you are.



What a gift! In TAMING YOUR DRAGONS, Sue-Anne MacGregor and David Barnes draw on a deliciously diverse selection of the movies we love – and the ones we have not yet seen – to illustrate the potential power of our emotions to transform our lives. Using short, highly readable sections and abundant juicy examples, the authors convey their compassionate and healing message: befriending the full range of our emotions unlocks the door to peace-filled, happy lives, and revitalizes our connections with others.

Mirabai Starr, Adjunct Professor of Philosophy & Religious studies at UNM Taos, author of 13 books including, God Of Love , new translations of Dark Night of the Soul and The Interior Castle.

Sue-Anne_bio2013In this remarkable book, MacGregor and Barnes utilize movies, music, essential oils, and affirmations to assist you on your emotional journey. Their approach provides the tools necessary to unleash the power of your emotions. They share their own DB Head Shotpersonal experiences in accessible ways that both men and women can relate.

Their ingenious use of movies allow you to experience a different culture, belief system, and way of living from the inside out. These stories become powerful lessons that have the potential to change the way you think and feel about your emotional experience.

Are You Ready To Become A Master of Your Emotions and Experience:

  • Less reactivity and fear
  • A gentle releasing of your frozen emotions
  • The ability to respond to change instead of react to it
  • A heart opening unlike anything you’ve experienced
  • Clarity on what’s the next best step to achieve your dream life
  • A deepening peace building from within
  • Loving what is
  • An ability to recognize the feather-like guidance instead of two-by-four wake up calls.
  • A new relationship with you that makes connections with others you never dreamed possible
  • More abundance throughout your life experience



70 Alignment Process Sessions in One Book!

This book guides you through 70 Alignment Process Movie Sessions. Each movie tangibly changes your particular emotional patterns through the Alignment Process, bringing your mind with the power of your heart. Repeating affirmations, prayers, or mantras over and over again is another way of changing personal resonance to align with a specific intent, prayer, etc. The Alignment Process directly deals with these emotional thought patterns and efficiently aligns the resonance with your intent or heart’s desires. It energizes beliefs that support the desired pattern change and de-energizes those that continue the old tendencies. The result is the beginning of transformative change within your inner and outer life experiences.

These Alignment Process Movies will Help You Experience:

  • The ability to love more
  • Less fear of money
  • A healing of past childhood pain
  • A deeper understanding of who you really are
  • A better relationship with food, your body and weight
  • Improved social interactions
  • More courage and confidence

Each Movie In This Book Is Like Having a Personal Coaching Session

What is the Alignment Process? Watch This 2 – Minute Video & Find Out

Some of The Most Beloved Movies You Know Become Your Guide. Such as:

Finding Forester, The Legend of 1900, Vicki Christina Barcelona, Crazy Heart, The King’s Speech, Liar, Liar, Bottle Shock, On Golden Pond, RV, Yes Man, City Slickers, The Red Violin, De-Lovely and more. 70 Movies in total.

Start Your Life-Changing Journey Today

When your life isn’t working the way you’d like, there are beliefs creating your emotional state. This keeps you stuck physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.This book guides you on a journey towards peace with your emotions. Learn to own your emotional experience and don’t expect anyone else to take responsibility for how you feel. The Alignment Process Movies will expertly provide the pathway to this peace and balance with your emotions.

You can feel the wisdom and experience 
As someone who has spent many years working on this aspect of myself, I was not sure if the information would be relevant to what I was going through as I find that most books of this kind are geared towards people with little to no experience. Taming Your Dragons is one of those books that is valuable no matter where you are in your process of self discovery because it is filled with wisdom and really reveals the fundamentals of how your emotions operate an how to work with them, which anyone can relate to.

The book is well written and very easy to read but still in a profound way.  You can feel the wisdom and experience of the authors pouring off the pages.  I am also a total movie snob and David and Sue-Anne picked truly fantastic films that met and even exceeded my standards. I would absolutely recommend this book as tool for understanding and learning to work with your emotions as a fundamental skill for living a truly happy and fulfilling life.


  • Chapter 1: All Emotions Serve
    Wisdom is expansive. It provides access to new ways and choices of how you want to live your life. When you begin to discover the power of your emotions, you are on your way to discovering the harmony that can open you up to peace in all the areas in your world.
  • Chapter 2: Your Emotional Thermostat
    Begin your emotional discovery by picking an area where you notice a pattern or tendency that you desire to change. Notice the intensity of the emotion and recognize this pattern is highlighting a set point. This chapter will help you begin the process of adjusting your thermostat’s set point. You can’t get it wrong, so go easy on yourself and take your time. 
  • Chapter 3: Your Energetic System Is Your Emotional System
    When you can see emotion as the lynchpin of the mind, body, and soul, you are able to understand what it’s telling you. You can catch yourself when you’re reactive and quickly choose a response that empowers you and others. This chapter assists you in becoming a master of understanding your emotions. It will enable you to use your emotions in the most effective way.
  • Chapter 4: This Is Perfect – How Do I Know? Because It’s Happening
    In this chapter, there are many examples that show how your process is perfect in the long run. Even so, you may still be thinking, “How can it be perfect when an event (job loss, divorce, house repossession, or illness) has totally ruined my life? I’m miserable – how can that be perfect?” This may be feather-like guidance, or it may be a two-by-four that’s trying to perfectly stir you to your own unique process.
  • Chapter 5: The Feather or The Two-By-Four: You Choose
    It’s been said that experience creates wisdom. When we look back at our lives, we can see that even the two-by-four events were experiences that provided wisdom. When we can follow the feathers in our life, we’ll flow through our experiences with much more grace and ease. We will then be able to see that life is supposed to be joyful. It just depends on whether we want the feathers to guide us – or the two-by-fours.
  • Chapter 6: The Fire of Passion
    Passion, when directed with intent, can shape an amazing life experience. When you live your life this way, you become a beacon of light for others. Your passionate life acts like a rocket in the sky for others to notice. The joy you feel from living this way will surely inspire others to embark on their own journeys. Because of you, our world becomes a more interesting and thrilling place to be.
  • Chapter 7: Take Yourself Lightly And Fly
    We all want to live a joyful life that feels light and inspiring. When you can let go, allow, and communicate from the heart, life becomes less serious. Find ways to honor your own process in ways that serve you. As Winston Churchill was famous for saying, “KBO (Keep Buggering On) is the order of the day.” Churchill inspired a nation and the world by using this mantra for himself. It was his way of keeping his focus lighter, and in turn it helped those around him to do the same. When you can keep yourself lighter, you’ll inspire others to do the same.
  • Chapter 8: All Roads Lead To Home
    Whatever path you’re on, you’re moving towards a place of openness and love, a feeling of being home. There is no one right path. We each have a unique journey, with desires that aren’t exactly the same for any two people. Whichever country, religion, political preference, or culture you come from, they all can lead you home. Ideally, home is a place of acceptance, openness, tolerance, love, and peace of mind. To have that, you have to be okay with all of your emotions. Otherwise, you’ll get yourself stuck in emotional grooves, you’ll identify with your emotions as the truthful you, and then you’ll act accordingly. This isn’t wrong or bad – it just lengthens the journey home. As you put into practice what you’ve learned in this book, you’ll gain more clarity on how each lesson applies uniquely to you.


What People Are Saying About Taming Your Dragons

I’m Not Sure How It Worked – It Just Did!

“One morning I woke up and noticed I didn’t hate myself anymore. I wasn’t anxious and I felt a peace emerging within me. My critical self-talk seemed to be gone. I’d never felt this way prior to that moment. I had always been so hard on myself. I’d felt this way my entire life. This new feeling of peace was so refreshing. I knew it was because of the Alignment Process movies and my work with Sue-Anne. I really started to like myself again.” — Madison, Dallas, TX.

“Loved the way Taming Your Dragons helps to address the challenges that we all face with handling emotions and beliefs…using movies!  It’s so refreshing to find such a unique way to open our emotional pathways.” John Ayo, ND Founder of Life Balance

Taming Your Dragons Has Unique Healing Potential Unlike any Other Book

  • Take your time and allow yourself to digest the material and integrate the changes in each chapter.
  • Each chapter comes with its own affirmations you can align with and the tools to do it.
  • The affirmations will quickly integrate into your subconscious mind and they will become new empowering thoughts playing in the background of your day.
  • Use the selected music lists at the end of each chapter. The music lists reinforce the themes of each chapter.
  • Use Essential Oils as a natural way to help with the Emotions. Essential oils have no side effects – they are all natural and powerfully healing.
  • Each movie is an Alignment Process session that will energize new beliefs that assist with your emotional balance and de-energize the old tendencies that prevent maintaining a new emotional set-point.


These Are Great Resources

I am a lover of movies and their ability to jolt us into a higher level of consciousness. Sue-Anne MacGregor and David Barnes help us optimize that jolt, with two timely and important guidebooks for personal and social transformation. Taming Your Dragons does it at the emotional level and It’s Just Commerce does it at a broader societal level.  As we get more and more inundated with movies, these tools help us dig deeper to find the real value movies have to offer us. But more than this, the authors give careful attention to the bigger picture of finding happiness in life and work. These are great resources for not only avid movie fans but anyone seeking positive personal growth.

– Joel Bennett, PhD, President of Organizational Wellness & Learning Systems (OWLS),


How To Benefit From The Alignment Process Movies?

  1. First you need to do the Intention Session once and then you can energetically benefit from any Alignment Process Movie sessions in this book and our blogs. It’s that simple. Think of the Intention Session as downloading the new software so you can get the energetic benefits from the movies.
  2. Watch the entire movie. If you fall asleep (which sometimes occurs), just go back to the part where you snoozed and watch again. If you’ve already seen this movie, you have to watch it again to get the energetic benefits.


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  • Experience on your own or with friends.



Frequently Asked Questions

Why is The Book Priced $34.95? I Usually Don’t Pay That Much For a Book.

Taming Your Dragons is unlike any self-development book you’ve purchased in the past. This is a course that provides  70 Alignment Process Movie Sessions so you can relax, watch a movie and make the changes you desire. Each movie is an energetic healing session in itself.  So you can take this course at your pace and in any order that suits you. An individual healing session with a practitioner would cost between $200 to $600. We priced this book to provide value, each Alignment Process Movie Session costs you just $.49 cents.
Remember our “Peace Of Mind Money Back Guarantee”: we stand by our product with a 100% money back guarantee. Simply ask for a refund and we’ll gladly return your money with a smile.

Why Can’t I Buy The Book on Amazon?

We created our own book store, through Volusion, an industry leader in e-commerce with over 40,000 stores. Our intent is to connect with our customers and create a community over time. Our long term vision is to make our publishing company, Peace of Mind Partners and social business solving structural poverty problems through business. We desire commerce to return to an exchange between people that ‘s win-win. We realize the change has to start with us, which is why we’re willing to try a new approach without Amazon.

How Will I Know These Alignment Process Sessions are Working?

You’ll experience a noticeable and lasting energetic shift. When doing these Alignment Process (AP) movie sessions, each movie you watch creates an internal energetic shift. The shift means a filter in your system has been removed.  Think of the light that pours in when a blind fold is removed from your eyes, you now have a wider view and can better see the next steps needed. Our energetic systems have profound wisdom and know the best way to move forward – when we listen. See each AP session as aligning you with a piece of the puzzle that leads to your desires. When you’re working on a puzzle sometimes you can’t find the next piece and become stumped. So typically you go to another part of the puzzle and work on it until you discover the piece that’s needed to complete the section. These AP movies will clear the way for the next step to be revealed.

You’ll notice relief around issues that used to hook you into stress. People will show up to assist you with your desires. You’ll feel less fear and more peace and joy.

How Do I Know If I’m Watching Too Many Movies?

You’ll feel agitated and your body will become stressed. It’s important that you allow ample time to integrate the energetic change. This can take days or sometimes weeks depending how deep the pattern you desire to change. Be gentle and don’t push too much change work. This book is a journey that takes time.

How Did You Create These Alignment Process Sessions So Others Could Benefit?

In 2006, we discovered that movies could be a powerful tool for lasting energetic change. Sue-Anne had been a Resonance Repatterning practitioner for many years with a global client base. We utilized her abilities to begin our own change work by reworking the emotional patterns we saw in popular movies. We decided to become proxies for anyone that wanted to benefit from our change efforts. Over several years of practice, we confirmed that it worked as intended and began utilizing these movies in our books: Taming Your Dragons and It’s Just Commerce.  It took us over seven years to refine this ability which we now call The Alignment Process.


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Taming Your Dragons: Making Peace With Your Emotions is a new and innovative way to get real energetic healing. We hope you give it a try and take advantage of the available offers such as: 10% off for ‘liking’ our Facebook page, free shipping when you buy two or more books, digital e-book versions for only $4.95 when you buy the paperback, and special 40% case price discount.