Food | Body | Weight: Keeping Things In Proportion

  Has your relationship with food, your body, and your weight been an emotional issue for most of your life? Are you ready to change the way you feel about you, the food you eat and how it affects you? We created The Food | Body | Weight: Keeping Things in Proportion alignment session to […]

How To Make A Shift By Watching Movies

  In 2006, we discovered that movies could be a powerful tool for lasting energetic change. Sue-Anne had been a Resonance Repatterning practitioner for many years with a global client base. We utilized her abilities to begin our own change work by reworking the emotional patterns we saw in popular movies. We decided to become proxies for anyone that […]

Expectancy vs. Expectation – Book Excerpt

Expectancy is a type of subtle power, the type that attracts what you desire. Expectation, on the other hand, is a make-it-happen- at-all-cost type of power, which is a form of force. Many of us believe that power and force are synonymous.There’s a distinct advantage to understanding the differences and employing subtle power in all […]

Taming Your Dragons – Now Available

Taming Your Dragons: Making Peace with Your Emotions is a new and innovative approach to working with your emotions. According to Sue-Anne MacGregor and David Barnes, all emotions are valuable and are a sophisticated guidance system designed to create a joyful life. When you understand your emotions, make friends with them, and see how they’re guiding you, […]

Are Your Emotions Frozen?

Emotional reactivity in our selves and those around us has a cost.  It limits our abilities to choose differently.  When you begin making your needs a priority, this change can create reactivity in others.  You’re no longer predictable emotionally and your new inner strength can be unsettling.  When we are anxious about how others will […]